Open Evening about the Future of Weston Rec 

And getting more sport and recreation going in this area

Thursday 6 October | 7:30pm
Weston Hub, Penn Hill Road

This is an opportunity to get together to think about sport and recreation in the Weston and Newbridge area. There’s lots happening already but there could be a whole lot more.

Weston Rec has no facilities, and has plenty of potential for more sporting events and activities. The ball court at Weston Hub is being refurbished, and will shortly be open for us all to use. Our young people would love to form a basketball team and have proper training. And there must be other ideas that would really help to be discussed.

Maybe open air gym equipment? Maybe new clubs for tennis, netball, volleyball, 5-a-side football? Cycling groups? A Rambling group? Disabled sport?

By forming a local sports association we could apply for funding for new developments. And with a bit of publicity we could organise regular football and other games on the Rec.

Come to the Open Evening with your ideas, and let’s all see what we can do. Organised by Future Weston.