New Map of Weston Village 

There’s a new map of Weston Village, on the wall of the Parish Hall on the upper pavement. It’s an overhead view of the area, with lots of information on the history of Weston from Roman times to the present day. It includes a walk around the village to see historical buildings and interesting places.

The artist is Finola Stack, who lives in Weston, and all the historical information has been prepared by Michael McCarthy and Michael Rockey of the Weston Heritage and Research Society. It was funded by the Ward Councillor Empowerment Fund, and by Tesco in Weston. 

The Weston Village Map has been developed by the Future Weston community association, to help us all to know our area better, and to provide some interesting and welcoming information for visitors to the village.

Tea towels of the map are available at the Western Coffee Lounge, and a leaflet is planned. 

Map ARTWORK FINAL (Wide Versio